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Package Design

It’s not something that most people pay attention to when shopping. At least, they don’t think they do, though. But at least subconsciously, it can make a huge difference in how people buy things and how much money they make. So, making eye-catching and engaging package design is a skill that each designer needs to work on and improve packaging.

Why is Packaging Design this Important?

Package designs give people a taste of what they can anticipate from your product before they even buy it. They get people’s attention and make them want to buy something. If you want people to buy your product, the way it looks is fundamental. If your product isn’t packaged in a way that makes people want to look at it and makes them feel like it’s essential, after which your product will stay on the shelves while other products fly off of them.

Best Package Design and Logos

Best branding logo design of famous companies and packaging:


Nescafé has unveiled a multi-billion-dollar worldwide marketing campaign aimed at younger coffee lovers. Intending to become one of the world’s best-known brands of instant coffee, Nestle came up with Nescafé in 1938. To become what it is today, Nescafé did that and more. It did this by becoming a big name around the world. Many people are now competing for the best coffee, so Nestle knew that it had to change the packaging design, connectivity, and digital strategy.

People drink Nescafé about 5,500 cups a second, so a single approach to packaging design, connectivity, and digital strategy will be used for all of the company’s products. This will include many design elements made with new, younger people in mind. For example, there’s a nod to Nescafé’s iconic red cup, and there’s a stylized visual gadget called the “hub” that shows what seems to be an aerial perspective of an actual mug of coffee.

A branded Nescafé mug


The Starbucks logo is indeed a unique but also simple shape. Until now, it was only the siren’s face, her thick wavy hair, and a little bit of her two tails. It is almost certain that it is one of the most well-known logos in the world right now. This logo used to be very detailed, but now it has two stars and a little text on it. The corporation gradually deleted the other features, leaving us with a primarily green and white logo.

Starbucks’s branded paper cup

Gucci’s Ecological Package Design

When someone says “Gucci,” what comes to mind for you, and why? There are a lot of elements that people associate with Gucci, such as the double G emblem, luxury, Italy, and expensive goods. In a nutshell, regardless of whether we are Gucci consumers or not, we all understand what Gucci represents. The fashion house recently started a “Culture of Purpose”. This is a way for them to take a more sustainable approach and keep the planet from being harmed while still keeping their own unique brand identity.

They’ve introduced new packaging that is 100 percent recyclable does not include any plastic and is printed with water-based ink. This new range of environmentally friendly packaging has the iconic double G logo print alongside debossed finishes on all of the packaging, including boxes, bags, magnetized boxes, and tissue paper, among other things. They also came up with a new font for the brand name.

One of the most well-known examples of Gucci’s environmentally friendly packaging is the rectangular box that can be folded into three different sizes and used for a wide range of goods. As part of their work, they also made new triangular boxes that can be put together to make squares. As a result, there is less waste of space in the trucks that move things around. Thus, more goods can be shipped at once, reducing the carbon footprint.

A single cotton canvas tote bag 

Photo by Gucci on: https://www.gucci.com/us/en/st/eco-packaging


Best brands are known not just due to their product but also by their packaging. So, it would help to focus on unique and simple packaging to attract more customers by inspiring them to grab your product before using it. People buy it the first time by the packaging and the second time by its quality.

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