5 Key Elements for Successful Brochure Design

Brochures design

Brochure design is essential for any business since it serves as a means of introduction to business. It is your first chance to interact with the outside world to convey your goods and services. Here are five critical elements for designing an impeccable brochure:

1. The shape of your brochure

The standard shape and size of the brochure should also be avoided to make your brochure stand out in the pile of other papers. An innovative and unique form in alignment with the business idea can be a great idea, for instance, a cone-shaped brochure for an ice-cream campaign, a camera-shaped for photographer brochures, and visiting card design. Round brochure size might grab more attention compared to rectangle ones. 

2. Visually appealing

You get only one glimpse to make an impression. Hence, the brochure needs to be visually appealing to grab that one second of attention. It doesn’t mean that you need to make it too colorful or fancy; proper structure and placement of text are equally important. The sorting, conditional formatting, and font size of the text and headline should be appropriate to grab attention. You may also experiment with the texture of the brochure. For instance, the backgrounds can be formatted as printed on wood, marble, or stone, making them look more appealing. You can also opt to add a glossy or semi-gloss finish to make it look premium and luxurious.

3. Compelling text 

The wording on the brochure increases the reader’s curiosity to pick and read through it. The text should be simple to understand and quick to read but should grab instant attention. One idea is to put it in the form of a question, for instance – do you want a successful life; are you looking for an investment offering a return higher than regular FD? Or one can also mention a catchy phrase on the cover, which can continue inside the brochure. The consistency of the brand logo on the flyer and website is another thing that needs to be ensured. 

4. Bold graphics & images

 One image can convey a thousand words, and thus it has a significant role to play in a brochure. The images are imprinted in the reader’s minds, which successfully keeps your brand on ‘top of their mind’. Consequently, you get greater conversions and leads. The inclusion of flawless graphic design can tell your brand’s story; for instance, an image of a floor where one can see one’s reflection can be put in a janitorial service-providing brochure. 

5. Call to action

So the reader is impressed with your brochure and business idea, but what next? You need to mention the next steps that the reader needs to follow. “Call us, text us, attempt this survey, visit us at, grab this offer” need to be mentioned on the brochure. If a powerful call to action is missing, then the ultimate motive of conversion/ moving people to the sales stage gets defeated.  


Creative brochures can be created in a digital version that is convertible to print. 

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